WYRE Forest Businesses
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With so many businesses having to close their doors or temporarily adapt to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is proving to be an uncertain time for all.

Support Wyre Forest is a place for businesses located in the Wyre Forest area to get together and support it's local business network, shop local, encourage new ways and strengthen our community.

Has your business had to adapt during COVID-19? Do your customers know what you're now offering during this time? Let us highlight your business and it's changes to help you do more business during the Coronavirus outbreak.




Support a Local Business

Under each tab below are our local businesses, those run by our friends, our families and our neighbours. Information on supporting these businesses is beside each. This might be leaving an online review, ordering online or sharing a referral. Each business has different needs and different ways you can help.


Latest added businesses

Is your business COVID-19 secure?

There are so many things you could be doing to make sure that your business has established strict safety measures in order to re-open safely & practically. Take a look at the ‘New Normal’ brochure available to download below for a few helpful tips and tricks. 

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The big thing that we have all learnt from this difficult uncertain time is that we need to rely on each other and help those around us.

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