Maria Williams is a native Russian speaker and is qualified as a teacher, interpreter and translator. Akademik tutors all levels and helps with preparation for GCSE and A-Level examinations in Russian. Akademik looks to empower students to manage coursework efficiently and reach specific academic goals.

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A Little More About Us

Learning a new language is like learning a whole new world—and that’s why individualised, in-home tutoring is so important. Russian language services provide foreign languages tutoring for Russian students learning English or English students learning Russian. Through one-on-one attention, I give students the extra support they need to master foreign languages and reach academic goals.

Personalized Languages Support
I work with students one on one in their choice of location and on their timetable. I strive to make tutoring as convenient and successful as possible. That’s why I look at student learning styles and personalities and adjust tutoring sessions accordingly. With my help, you gain the tools to face foreign language coursework confidently and successfully.

Expert Foreign Language tutoring for all levels
Whether I am working with high school students, college students or even university students, the approach is the same. I provide expert foreign language tutoring. I am fluent in both Russian and English. As a qualified teacher, I am suitably equipped for personal instruction, having worked in Russian school “Znaniye” in Oxford and Liden and Denz school in St Petersburg, Russia.


COVID-19 Update

Akademik is still providing high-quality Russian tutoring which can be delivered online and over Skype.

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